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Often times our clients cannot provide their own accompaniment, or their arrangements or sessions may require instrumentation or vocals beyond what they can self-provide. These are the occasions when studio musicians are needed. If you are on file in our Studio Musicians Audio Catalog you may be contacted and asked if you would like to contribute to the session. If you are interested and available at a time suitable to the recording schedule we will arrange for you to come to join the session or to come to overdub your instrument or voice at a specified date and time. You will always be able to negotiate your own billing rates in advance (we can help you determine what range would be expected by the client). Payment terms will be discussed at this time. Our clients encompass a variety of musical genres, therefore we are auditioning musicians representing all musical types, instruments, and styles of playing. For your audition, you should prepare a fifteen to twenty-minute performances showcasing your instrument. You may structure your audition to demonstrate one or more musical styles but the musical content needs to be less than twenty minutes in total duration. The entire audition process usually lasts less than one hour. There is no fee involved. Best Definition Studio Studio is equipped with a drum kit, a piano, three synthesizers, and two guitar amps for auditioning musicians‘ use. Other than for keyboard players and drummers, musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments to the audition.

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I’ve worked with Select Recording Studios for a number of years, Valery has a great ear for music and helps to bring the best out of each song. It’s always a pleasure to work together. I recommend anyone who wants a high quality professional sound to book Select Best Definition Studio.



We had an amazing time recording in the studio with Valery. He was so professional, easy to work with and the best producer Fort Lauderdale has to offer. We would highly recommend Valery for your project. You won’t be disappointed



Through all the projects I completed at Best Definition studio, Valery has become a trusted friend. Valery works toward perfection, and gets it. It has always been a grand experience working with Valery Lezin at Best Definition Studio.



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